Research Interests

A brief summary of family names and places included in this blog:

Краткую информацию о фамилии и места, включенные в этот дневник:

Grinbergs / Akerfelds – Embūte
Sedols – Valtaiki
Stromanis – Valtaiki
Zīverts – Embūte
Dzērve – Purmsati
Bittner – Purmsati
Vinakmens / Weinstein – Tukums and Tumes
Veisbergs – Rēzeknes and Stružānos
Bruģis – Rēzeknes and Stružānos
Ozoliņš – Talsi
Ozols – Talsi


Гринберг / Акерфелд – Эмбуте
Седоль – Валтаики
Стромань – Валтаики
Зиверт – Эмбуте
Дзерве – Пурмсати
Биттнер – Пурмсати
Винакмен / Вайнштейн – Тукумс Тумес
Веисберг – Резекне Струзани
Бругис – Резекне Струзани
Озолиньш – Талси
Озолс – Талси


15 thoughts on “Research Interests


    • Hi Margret!
      Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a relation. Grinbergs (male form) is a pretty popular surname. Even within the same parish I wouldn’t count all Grinbergs as related.
      I think you’re pretty much stuck until you get those ITS papers… unless you have an idea of WHERE these people were born? Then you could start looking for baptisms on Raduraksti. Well, if they were born 1909 or earlier, that is…

      • It is now 2014, I have found my grandmother side of the family. My Aunt is a Matulens, by marriage. I am still searching for my Grandfather JANIS GRASIS. B1874 d1950. He was a highranking officer in the Russian Army and a carpenter by trade. His 2nd marriage, name unknown, had 2 sons from a previous partner. My search is now over12 years long.

  2. Just discovered your website…my husband and I are going to Latvia next week. He was born in Liepaja in 1942 but lived in Embute on a dairy. The family loved in a DP camp in Oldenburg Germany after fleeing Latvia. Emigrated to the USA, Canada, and Australia around 1949. We are flying into Riga and then going to Liepaja. In reseaching Embute, it seems as there is no longer a town there…is that true? Is it worth it to actually go there? Thank you!
    Nancy Novickis

    • Hi, but do you also know something about the events Embute and its surroundings, such as at Sepenes lake.? For events in the second World War.
      Greetings from Latvian

  3. Do you have any info on the name Stromanis / (Stromans name hade been change during the war) , my grandfather was from Lativa and lived in Riga he came to the uk 1946-7 he has passed away before i could ask any questions.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog when I had first found it some months ago. I also have ancestry in Kurzeme and, in particular, the area around Embutes. I’ve pored over the records on the raduraksti website and they -of course- are incomplete. Have you found any other vital records beyond what raduraksti has for that specific region? Thanks!

    • Hi Brian! Glad you enjoyed my blog! I’ve actually checked yours out before too! No, sadly I haven’t found any other resources… and believe me, I’ve tried. The LDS FamilySearch has a different set of Latvian Lutheran Church records on microfilm, apparently filmed by German authorities before the Latvian ones on Raduraksti were filmed. I had recently ordered Embutes’ films, hopeful they might contain the years that are missing (1852-1870) and they DO, but just for the German congregation! You never know though.. then plus at Raduraksti are adding new resources all the time, so.. let’s hold out hope that something exists out there, somewhere!!

      > Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2014 01:42:28 +0000 > To: >

  5. Karlis’ Vinakmens International Refugee Organization (IRO) application form reads:
    snippet 1:
    2nd row: Im Walde als Mitglied der Wiederstandsbewegung – at the Forest as member of the Resistance movement
    3rd Row: Gotenhafen, Weimar ( Gotenhafen/Gdynia is now a Polish Harbor- Weime ris a City in Germany)
    snippet 2:
    Mitglied der Wiederstandsbewegung im Walde- member of the Resistance movement inside the forest
    snippet 3:
    1st row: Lettland – 1 Polizeilegion ( 1st Poilice Legion)
    2nd row: Lettland ?? Luftwaffe-Division
    3rd Row: Wiederstandsbewegung

    • I need to correct me.
      snippet 2:
      1st row: Bildhauer – Tischlerer Zily?? Turumes/Tukums? Lettland (Sculptor – Carpenter workshop with the name of Zily?? at Turumes/Tukums?)
      2nd row: Mitglied der Widerstandsbewegung im Walde- member of the Resistance movement inside the forest
      3rd Row:Tischler – Tischlerei K. Otto Weimar – (Carpenter – Cabinetmaker’s or Carpenters with the Name K. Otto in the town of Weimar)

  6. The next block of records will be released by the Latvian national arhives next year sometime these include 1908 to 1918. All the Arhive sections are brilliant at finding things and I recommend their use. I am off to Tukums Monday to physically get some more data from the district arhives which holds different records.

  7. Hello! any idea how I could obtain the passenger list from the “USNS GENERAL HARRY TAYLOR” which let off refugees in Halifax Nova Scotia on September 15, 1950 ?
    For some reason I have difficulty in getting on Ancestry .com ….
    Thank you ,

  8. I just found an old roll of film. After getting it developed, I found photos of people on the USS General Harry Taylor. I would like to get these to the families of the people in them. Is there any place that I can post them that families of the passengers may find them?

  9. My name is Aigars Grasis , my Brother is Indars Grasis ,Father was Ilmars Grasis , he had father Martins Grasis , who had Janis. But that is big resarch, They lived in Skaistkalne , Bauskas raj. Father sold that. Now there is only 3 of us left.

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