Akerfelds Puzzle

All surnames are Akerfelds unless otherwise noted

All surnames are Akerfelds unless otherwise noted


9 thoughts on “Akerfelds Puzzle

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  2. Hello, I found your blog while searching google for Skaidrite Akerfelds who is my grandmother. Was trying to find out more about her family and am very happy I found this. I can’t seem to find anywhere – who are you and how are you related to the Akerfelds if you don’t mind me asking?


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  5. Hello. My name is Andrew. And, I don’t know who my great great grandfather was. But, my great grandfather was born in Embute to Anna Brikmanis in 1879, father unknown. And my DNA test has me related to some folks named Grinbergs and someone named Akerfelds. My great great grandfather is not named on the birth record of my great grandfather Vilis Brikmanis. I’m beginning to wonder if my ancestor is a Grinbergs. Thanks for all you hard work.

  6. Hi, my grandparents were both from Latvia and immigrated 1903 and 1906. My grandmother’s maiden name was Grinbergs and was from Auce born 1886. Her father was Karlis (Kriss, Christian) Grinbergs. Her mother was Matilde Meyer ( not sure of Latvian spelling). I think she had 2 sisters but cannot find anything more about her. Andrew and I are DNA matches and think that somehow we are related through the Grinbergs line in/near Auce. I see you were going to respond to him “at length” via personal email and I would love to know if you have any further information that might help me. I have a family tree on Geni, Ancestry and FamilyTree and have done only autosomal DNA on Ancestry, uploaded to FTDNA and Geni. Thanks in advance. Vicki
    my direct email is vickichase49@gmail.com.

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