Baptismal Record: Jule Dzērve

Dzerve, Jule - Baptism


(Gramzdas draudze, 1878, page 4, baptism #2)

No. 2. Dzenija Jule Ida
Born December 15, 1877 (Julian calendar) / December 27, 1877 (Gregorian calendar)
Daughter of Jukums Dzērve and his wife Lavīze, residents of Purmsāti estate
Baptized by Pastor Stegmanis at Gramzdas parish on January 9, 1878
Godparents: widow Jule Dzērve, maiden Lize Muceniece, bachelor Jānis Hilsen

Roadblock: Dzerve

Jule Dzerve was Arvids Akerfelds’ maternal grandmother. She was born December 29, 1877 in Purmsati pagast, not far from Nikrace and Embute, but was baptised in the Gramzdas parish church. “Jenny” is a German translation of the Latvian “Dzenija”.

Jule Dzerve's baptismal record in the Gramzdas Lutheran church book
Jule Dzerve’s baptismal record in the Gramzdas Lutheran church book

Her parents were Jukums Dzerve and Lawise Bittner, who were married in Gramzdas that same year.

Jukums Dzerve and Lawise Bittner's marriage record in the Gramzdas Lutheran church book

Jukums Dzerve and Lawise Bittner

Being that they were married in 1877, it could be assumed that they were around the age of 20 at the time, as was customary. So they would have been born around 1857. Unfortunately, a lot of church books are missing from this time period on Raduraksti, with only a few years available.
I could begin scouring the 1895 Russian census for Jukums and Lawise, assuming they stayed in Gramzdas. This will be time consuming, and will only give me birthdates of Jukums and Lawise, and maybe locations. Then hopefully those church books are still around, and will list their parents names. Their parents were alive during the naming process of Latvians….