Good news! now offers some digitized records pertaining to Latvian genealogy! While they have always offered a decent collection of Latvian records via microfilm, they now have some passports from the interwar period and some old church books digitized and available for viewing from the comfort of home. The church books are the same as are featured at – except the collection at was originally compiled at a different time period than that of the Latvian State Historical Archives. This has produced some minor differences in the two collections – which might just translate to genealogy gold for you, if you can find a record that was previously missing.

For example, my Akerfelds family’s “home church” of Embute is missing records from 1855-1870. I noticed that FamilySearch’s collection states that it covers this time period. A few years ago I ordered this microfilm in, and indeed, there are the years missing from Raduraksti. To my dismay, in this case only the German congregation records had been recorded during those missing years.

Another example is in Nurmuiza parish – on Raduraksti, the only records from 1834 and further back in time are for Germans. At FamilySearch, you can go back to 1711 for Latvians as well.

Nothing is indexed yet, so the passports are especially difficult to utilize in a quick manner. But don’t forget to check in periodically with to see what else has been digitized!


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  1. I am trying to find the area on FamilySearch that you are referring to but I can’t find it. I would love to look into those Nurmuizas records and others!! Can you post me a link?

    • Shoot, sorry Ana, I’m just seeing your post now. If you go Search>Catalog, you can search for individual parishes by name – aka Nurmuiza, Talsi, etc

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