Document: Janis Sedols and Mada Stromane

I took a stab at guessing that Ieva Sedols’ parents were married within 5 years of her birth and found a marriage record for Janis Sedols and Mada Stromane(remembering that one of Ieva’s godparents is a Stromanis) 4 years earlier in 1865 at Valtaiki church.  So Janis Sedols and Mada Stromane are my 3x great-grandparents, and here is their marriage record:

Janis Sedols, labourer at Berghof estate, born at Strebuki farm, son of Kristaps and Marija, both deceased, marries Mada Stromane, unmarried girl at the same estate (Berghof), born at Oldenburg estate, Gobzemji farm, parents Janis and Lize.


2 thoughts on “Document: Janis Sedols and Mada Stromane

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