Extending the Stromanis Branch

While casually browsing Raduraksti’s list of revision lists by estate, I found myself going back through Kalnmuiza estate, where my 3x great grandmother Mada Stromanis was born. She was the daughter of Janis Stromanis, a farm labourer from Puni estate and Lize, a peasant woman from nearby Klaugi farm who did not have her own surname yet at the time of her marriage. I found Mada and her parents in the 1858 revision list for Kalnmuiza:


page 151/254 Kalna privatmuiza estate revision

The revision list shows Janis, at age 43 1/4 with his wife Lize, aged 43 and 4 of their children – Mada (she would have been aged 22 already), Kristaps (14), Ernests (12) and Ieva (7 1/2). It notes that this family came to this estate from neighbouring Puni estate in 1852. Mada is recorded as having moved with her little brother Ernests to Kalna estate’s No. 13 farm (Grigali) in 1857. One other gem of information given here is Janis’ father’s name – Peteris.

This started me off on a search tangent, since I had previously not known Janis’ father’s name, and only knew of 2 of his children. I found his marriage to Lize in 1834 at Vailtaiki draudze, 3rd from the top:


#63/October 1834/Janis, from Grigali farm, Oldenburg estate married Lize from Klaugi farm, of the same estate.
As well as baptisms for several more Stromanis children – Mada was the oldest, then Anna, Kristaps, Ernests, Ieva, who was born with a twin brother Fricis, and second set of twins Kriss and Trine, though the last 3 children did not survive into adulthood.

Valtaiki draudze happens to hold records all the way back to 1731, so I took a stab at finding Janis’ baptism, based on the fact that his father’s name was Peteris, he was born in 1813/1814, and was born at either Oldenburg or Puni estate. I found only one Janis, son of Peteris born in that time period:


#9 baptism in 1813 at Puni estate; Janis, born 26 September at Dsansi(??) farm (I haven’t located any similar sounding farms in the area, but the #1 baptism in this list was also born there) to Peteris and his wife Katte.

I pushed a little further and found a probable marriage for Peteris and Katte in 1807:peteriskattestromanisPeteris, resident of Martini farm, Aizpure estate, born at Jaunsieksate marries Katte, widow living at Sauli farm, born at Rudbarzi estate.

That’s another generation for my Stromanis branch! Peteris and Katte are my 5 great grandparents, born circa 1780. Now, I could search for Katte’s first husband, and their marriage, to try and discern her parents names, to match up with her recorded birth estate as Rudbarzi.. and I could try something similar with Peteris. Revision lists could help too. It gets hard to “trust” that you are on the right track with these records from before surnames were handed out, but it IS possible!


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