The Marriage of Kristaps Ozolins and Grieta Nikodemus


Kristaps Ohsolin (Ozolins), jungen (bachelor) at Purrin (Purini) Farm, Essern (Lubezere) estate, son of Ans and his wife Margrieta, born at Smilkte (Smilkti) farm, marries Grieta Nikodemus, madchen (unmarried girl) at Purrin (Purini) farm, Essern (Lubezere) estate, daughter of labourer Tohms(Toms) and his wife Madlehne (Madlena), born at Maisit (Maizite) farm, Nogallen (Nogales) estate.

These lovely marriage records at Arlava draudze are nicely detailed, giving parents’ names, birthplace, ages, and even notations on where to find the bride and groom’s baptismal records. If you look after the vertical lines on the record above, it notes for Kristaps: ledig (not married), 20 jahr alt, 1841, then a bunch of numbers – the first is the record number of his baptism in the 1841 record book.

For Grieta though, it states: ledig, 22 jahr alt, 1839, 8 April, 54, 4 April in Nurmhusen. If she was born at Nogales estate, it makes sense that she would have been baptized at Nurmuiza (Nurmhusen) parish. But after searching through Nurmuiza’s books… Her baptism is nowhere to be found.

Curious, given the amount of detail provided in the marriage!!


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