My brain is taking a little break from Latvian genealogy at the moment. I’ve been off on a tangent into my father’s DNA after receiving his results. It’s probably for the better, I find I always uncover something new after taking a little break.

Research is not at a stand still however. Currently I am waiting on another set of results from Akerfelds Y DNA. So far, we are I-P37.2, then based on the results of other I-P37.2’s and where our results fit in, tested  S17250- and Y4460+. Now we are testing for Y3118, a SNP that defines one of three known subgroups of Y4460, categorizing us further into an even smaller subgroup. There are not many people in these groups – two or three at most, to date. One of the men in this category has Latvian/Germanic roots – it will be interesting to see where our results line up against his. The others seem to be from around the Balkans.

This is all relatively new information, new territory. It’s being researched and followed by a few online personalities and DNA haplogroup project administrators who are very helpful and enthusiastically knowledgeable. As more and more people test, more and more information is available and this is an area that will continuously change and grow – it’s part of what makes genetic genealogy so exciting to me.

I am guessing we will come out as Y3118-, leaving two other possible SNP definted subgroups for us to fit into: A-6105 and S-8201. A-6105 defines the other Latvian in the group.

Results due in 2-4 weeks from today…


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  1. This is exactly what I expected, and followed and did. And I’m S17250-, Z17855-, Y4460+, Y3118-, S8201-. And Based on recent update, I will wait a bit and then maybe something good happens with “Y16810/A6105/A6106” battle. But Latvian/Belorussian/Polish movement near Y4460 is interesting, due to the fact, that I’m from West of Ukraine.

    PS. Correct url/hyperlink: http://http//, it should be and then remove part of my comment about it here 🙂

    • Ahhh thank you Andrii!! I posted this post from my smartphone, hehe. Not so smart!
      Results just in! Y3118+… This is where our lines branch off! I am still fascinated though, because all matches seem Ukrainian/South Western Russian… One Slovakian… Bulgarian, Romanian… I wonder what historic event brought a Dinaric man up to rural Latvia to bevomea peasant serf…
      Thanks for reading! Im always reading your blog too!

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