Surname Evolution: Akerfelds

The surname “Akerfelds” doesn’t really make linguistic sense. It is a Germanic name, and literally translated from German means “fields, fields”. The surname is also not even used prior to 1900. It seems it was either a secondary surname to Grinbergs, or evolved informally, through word-of-mouth and clerical mis-spellings from “Eichenfeld” (“oak field”). Below are some examples of the surname through different churchbooks (Embute and Skrunda) through the years…

It can be found “Akerfelds”, “Hackerfeld”, “Hagenfeld”, “Hakenfeld”, “Eichenfeld”, “Eikenfeld” and either “Grinberg alias…” or “Gruenberg alias…”


3 thoughts on “Surname Evolution: Akerfelds

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