OId Photo: A Latvian Reunion?

This is an old photo that belonged to my grandmother Rasma. There is no information anywhere on the back of it. I believe it was taken in Canada, judging by the look of age of my grandfather Arvids Akerfelds. These men are all Latvians… Arvids is 2nd from the left, top row. The 2nd from the left in the bottom row is a man named Zigurds Melderis, who I would eventually get to know much better than my own grandfather.

Back row: unknown, Arvids Akerfelds, Alfreds Taube, Antons Pizans, unknown, unknown, Mr. Karnupis, unknown, Peteris Skrastins, unknown, unknown, Janis Ozols

Front row: unknown (Melderis?), Zigurds Melderis, Niks Beinarovics, Ansis Berzins, Alfons Preiss

1st My best guess is this is some kind of ex Labor Service Co. get-together? What are the guns all about? Was this possibly taken at a Latvian club such as Sidrabene, which my grandparents used to attend?

I’d love to know what this photo was all about, or who all the people in it are!




According to my great-aunt, the local Latvians would have a yearly competition, sort of like track-and-field but involving marksmanship, and her guess is that this photo was taken at one such competition.


7 thoughts on “OId Photo: A Latvian Reunion?

  1. Looking to find who is victor vainovskis is he is(was) my father never new anthing except he was from Latvia please help.

  2. The Latvians in Canada had a number of Fish and Game clubs. My best guess was it was taken at one of their shooting events. The largest of course being in Toronto. http://www.lmmk.ca/site/history_e.html. The names in your photo do not seem to match, but Hamilton also had a club near Caledonia Ontario (Hamilton Latvian Club – Lielupe) on the banks of the Grand River you see references to it at the Toronto site so both clubs still seem active. It is quite possible there are other clubs out there. An event at one club would draw members from other clubs. Toronto may be a good starting point and they are looking for historical photos.

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