Roadblock: Indriks Ziverts/Siebert?

I still can’t find his birth record… Ziverts is the Latvian spelling for this surname, but it is Sihwert or Siewert in German… There are ethnic Germans in the area named Siebert, and while I can’t prove that the Ziverts descended from ethnic Germans just yet, I have thus far been ignoring the German congregation church records in favour of the ethnic Latvians. I think it’s time to check out the German congregation for an Indriks Siebert born around 1875… One more resource at my fingertips to exhaust.

2 thoughts on “Roadblock: Indriks Ziverts/Siebert?

  1. I have sometimes noticed ethnic Latvians in the German congregation records, with the possibility for more, those were just the ones with the obviously Latvian names. I can think of several possibilities for it – they may have married into a German family, or they were of non-peasant class (remember, Latvian was considered a “peasant” language, anyone who wanted to move up in the world at the time would often Germanize), or they were peasants but still attempting to move up in the social order through any means they could.

    So if you find Indriks in the German records, he could be German, but he could also still be Latvian. Do there happen to be 1897 census records for the parish you’re looking at? Those records will list mother tongue.

    • I wish I could find them in the census! It seems like most of the neighbouring parishes are on the 1897 census, Nigrande and Kalvene all are… But no Embute/Brinkenhof/Brinki/Lieldzelda/whatever you wanna call it! Also no PurmsatišŸ˜¦ unless there’s something I’m missing, or they’re categorized under a different area name (I noticed that under Alsvanga, you can find Valtaiki… But I haven’t seen anything other maps or anything associating Valtaiki to Alsvanga!) The parish and administrative boundaries seem quite changeable in this little area.

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