As I learn more and more, besides making new posts, I am also revisiting my numerous older ones and updating them (this makes sense for people using search engine terms to find my posts, to ensure they are not reading outdated information!) So, check back from time to time to see if a particular post that interests you has been updated, especially my “Ancestor Stories”, as I learn small bits and pieces here and there all the time. Typically I will write a new post for any big discoveries I make.

Also I’ve just started another blog about my other, non Latvian ancestry! It can be found at http://www.11illehc.wordpress.com.

If you are interested in finding your own Latvian family history, a great guide to getting started can be found here!

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3 thoughts on “Updates

    • Thanks for checking out my blog, Ben! When you do decide to start looking into your Latvian roots, let me know how you do! I’d be happy to provide any help I can.

  1. I am new at blogging and I wondered how to handle it if you have written your articles and then you find new information in your research. I think going back and just updating for small changes makes sense. I have enjoyed reading your blog.


    Betty Taylor

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