Ship: USS General Langfitt

The USS General Langfitt was built in 1944 by Kaiser Co. Inc. in Richmond, California and named after General William Campbell Langfitt. She was first used during the war to transport American troops. By the time she was inactivated on September 30, 1957, she had travelled all over the world, a people carrier dropping off refugees, troops, veterans, in all corners of the globe. She sat as part of the US National Defense’ reserve fleet for a while, then was sold in 1968  and used as a container vessel, renamed SS Transindiana. The SS Transindiana was scrapped in 1983 in Brownsville, Texas.
Arturs Ziverts and his family (except for his sisters, Ida and Olga, his mother Jule and his daughter Irma) left Bremerhaven, Germany aboard the USS General Langfitt on March 19, 1950 bound for Berthoud, Colorado.

USS General Langfitt

USS General Langfitt

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2 thoughts on “Ship: USS General Langfitt

  1. My father who is of German decent was a ship’s officer aboard the Langfitt. At the age of 90, he still talks about this ship and the people it carried. I was just looking up some info on he ship and found it was converted and operated until the late 70′s.

  2. Qur family (Roostna) traveled to Venezuela on board of the Gen. WC Langfitt and arrived on April1st,1950 in this country. Also my wife´s family (Javornik) came to Venezuela on board
    Her name Elizabeth Javornik..
    We married in Venezuela in 1960 and still going strong after 53 years.
    So this ship got us together with it´s blessing.
    Thanks to USNS Gen. WC Langfitt.
    (We keep a framed foto of this great ship in our office here in Valencia, Venezuela.)

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